Saturday, January 24, 2015

SWARM Holiday Tournament

The SWARM Basketball Team
is up and running again this season!
The Swarm played in a holiday
tournament.  They played 
three games on a Saturday. 
One team was really big and really good!
Mamadou who used to play for
Baylor was one of the coaches for
another team!  I got this picture
for Grandmother and PaPa!
Mamadou was so nice!!!
We liked playing another team from
Midway...some familiar boys' faces out there:)
#55 was lookin' good! 
Walker and Braden A. had to guard each other!
The boys played hard all three games
and did awesome!!!!!!
There really wasn't a winner at this
tournament...more just how 
many games did you win?!?
We won two out of three :)
It was a great day!  
Happy to be back with the SWARM :)
(They were just watching a football
game in the bar at Chuy's!  ha!)

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