Saturday, January 3, 2015

Walker and a PHONE!!!!!

It finally happened.
The last sixth grader in the United States
~ in the WORLD actually ~
finally got a CELL PHONE!!!!!!!
(According to Walker of course!)
 Of all kids, Walker certainly deserved
a phone, but we were just putting it off
for as long as we could.  After much
thought, we decided it was a good time.
With him going off more and more with
friends, we were realizing that a phone
would be nice.  We've been many, many
places with groups of his buddies
and watched him be the only one
without a phone.  That didn't sway
our decision...we just always told
him the wait would be that much more
worth it;)  We surprised him one
Saturday afternoon by going in his
room and Troy hid it under a pillow
and then called it!!!!
Walker was thrilled(:
 Everyone was thrilled...but probably
most of all, HuDSoN...
 Because he inherited Walker's iTouch!!!
 Which led to him Facetiming
me ALL.the.Time.
...whether we are at home in different
rooms, the same room, or I'm not at home;)
 He sure is a sweet face timer :)
 Nowadays we see a lot of this
from Walker..........
But it makes for great leverage!!! 
In all actuality, Walker is a great kid
and so far, he's quite responsible.
He takes such good care of his stuff
and he checks his data constantly
to make sure he isn't going over.
Little Troy;)
I'm so proud of this boy and glad
that he is no longer the "last
kid his age in America" that didn't
have a cell phone!  ha!

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