Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Decked in new clothes to head
to Grandmother and PaPa's for Christmas!
I've never loved celebrating 
Christmas more
than with these three!!!!!!!!!!
This guy;)
Gibson Grandchildren!!!
It was a WoNDeRFuL, BLeSSeD
Day with my family!!!!!!!!!!!!
My cup runneth over!!!!!!!!!!!
My niece is GORGEOUS!!!
Kid Table!!!
After a delicious lunch prepared
by Grandmother, it was outside for 
football and fun!!!
And of course Walker and Logan
had to shoot some hoops!!!
But this guy was serious about
his football!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then it was time for gifts!!!

All of the girls got Kendra Scotts! 
Grandmother & PaPa spoiled us ALL!!!
Lottery Tickets;)
Then naps;)))
And lots more snuggling all day long:)
That night we laughed SO HARD
playing a game on Walker's iPhone!!!
Even Grandmother played and
she was hilarious!!!
She had us ROLLING!!!!!!
I love spending an entire day with my family.
It was an AWESOME day
and that night when we were
leaving I thought it looked like
Walker was a high school kid on
the road playing basketball!!!  ;)
Merry Christmas 2014
from the Pierce Party of Five.
My prayer is that we may shine with
JoY that only comes from knowing Jesus...
not just on Christmas Day but everyday!

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