Monday, January 12, 2015

A Date with Santa & Hudson

Hudson specifically asked to go 
 see Santa all by himself.  
Maybe a third child thing...just needing
something of his very own.  
He also insisted on wearing 
his red Midway jersey.  
I was happy to take him ~ just the two of us.
Of course we made it a date 
because we LOVE to go on dates(:

It turned into one of those moments
I wish I could have frozen time.  
It was just so sweet.
So magical.  
As we walked up to see Santa,
Hudson was just awe struck.  
No crazy brother or silly sister
to distract him...just him, me AND 
Santa ~ right before his very eyes.

Tears filled my eyes...
it was just so sweet.
Hudson went right up to sit 
on Santa's lap and preceded to tell 
him he wanted "blue football pants"!
Santa asked if he played football
and Hudson told him "yes".
When asked what position he 
played, Hudson immediately 
responded, "Quarterback."
He went on to tell Santa
that his team had won all of their 
games.  Santa then had to question
Hudson's grade?  Hudson told him
"four" and I had to explain
four years old...not fourth grade.
I also had to explain
about Hudson's make believe
 "team" to the ladies behind us
giggling, taking the picture!  

It's a really good thing Santa
is into "make believe" himself;)
My Sweet Little Love...
Pure LOVE.
I won't ever, ever forget this date:)
OR his sweet, sweet kisses. 
I am so thankful that I have this little
angel...not only is he just pure
joy & love, but he's given me a chance
to slow down and savor moments 
like this.  This date was priceless (:

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