Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

Santa is SO fun:)  
He's a smart guy, too...
he knew exactly what my kiddos wanted:)
And he's getting smarter every year...
he also knew some things they needed:)
It might look like Walker got the least,
but Santa can assure you...
Walker's was the most!$;)
Sweet Pea's stuff is so fun!!!
Huddy's stuff is so...
well, Huddy:)
Santa even surprised them with
a section of stuff for them to SHARE!
The kiddos always get to sleep
in our bed on Christmas night.
I love this moment!!!!!!!!! :)
It's just the best!!!
Doesn't every 12 year old kid ask
for an executive desk chair?!?
And what eight year old girl
doesn't BEG and PLEAD
and WISH for crutches!?!??!!!!?!
Bring on the PING PONG!!!
Hoping for a real table someday...
cuz Mama is good at ping pong;)
Overnight bags for ALL three!
Great thinking, Santa!!!
Santa even remembered 
a quarterback wristlet for his plays!!!
Groovy Glasses ;)
Fun chairs for all three!!!  :)
A new football was on the list:)
Time to get suited up!!!
#82 Witten, Baby!!!
Already gearing up for baseball! 
Hudson loves deoderant!  ha!
This one was Old Spice SWAG ;)
Fake glasses AND fake crutches;) ha!
I love her style:)
What is the deal with my kids?!?
He was so excited over his Ace Bandage?!?
Where has my baby boy gone?
Beats plugged into his cell phone.
Hold Me!
Just anothe football injury;)
It was a fun/funny morning;)
Happy Morning (:
Sweet, Precious Hadlee had wrapped
her daddy and me special gifts
all on her own!  
Daddy got an ornament with her picture
that was from the PTA at her school
and I got a whole new collection
of duct tape bags she made!!!
LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes I just can't believe that
I have a little family, a home,
my own holiday traditions, 
basically a life like this.  I am blessed
FAR more than I deserve....
Dude Perfect shirts!!!!
Hadlee was a RIOT opening her gifts.
So spunky and sassy and 
excited over each and everything!!!
Walker is so appreciative and sweet.  
Hudson was all about the quantity;)
It was definitely another American Girl
type of Christmas!!!  
It was a Kendra Scott type of Christmas
for me:)  which was JUST what I wanted!
A Taylor Swift CD!!!!!!!!
My girl is growing up, too!!!
My sweet little love...
Hudson had been asking for
a tie AND a bow tie! Silly boy:)
Hadlee remembered to get him those
so she can dress him up;)
He is so stinkin' cute!!!
Mommy and Daddy got spoiled, too!
Then my kitchen table turned into
our new ping pong table!!!!!!!!!!
Daddy is just like the kids...
he just had to play in his new stuff! ha!
After breakfast and gifts was time to 
get things ready for our Gibson Christmas!!!
I knew my mother's favorite gift
from us wouldn't be her Kendra Scott earrings,
but this big stack of over 200 pictures
I had printed for her from all year!!!
Christmas morning with my little
family is so special and fun!!!
I do NOT take for granted just 
how blessed I am...
not for one second!

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