Thursday, January 15, 2015

Choir Field Trip with Walker

Field Trip Day for Walker's Choir Group!!!
The field trip was on Friday, December 12th.
First they went to a nursing home to sing
and then to the Richland Fashion Mall! 
I can't help but love some of these girls
like my very own...Kate Kate smiling for me:)
Presli in there, too(:
But of course I adore these guys!!!
Especially the handsome one smiling at me!:)
Bravo, Boys!
Mrs. Petty does such a fantastic job with 
these guys.  Could you imagine getting this
many sixth grade boys to take singing
seriously?  She does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was LuCKY enough to get to be the
chaperone for this group of guys for the rest of the day!
I must say that I got the best group!!!
Jonathon, Cade, Jonah, Walker, 
Jared, Matthew
Grandmother came to hear him sing
and to eat lunch with us at the mall :)
After lunch, it was time for the MaLL!!!!!!!!!!
A group pic with another boy group
AND a GiRL group!!!  ;)
All of the kids were so well-behaved!
I forced Walker to take this picture;)
You should have heard the boys when I did!
Caroline and Presli...LOVE them:)
Kelli was the chaperone for this 
girl group...and we couldn't wait
to get our two groups together for
a picture.  The kids weren't nearly
as excited as we were;) ...
or at least that's how they acted!  ;)
Too CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Then Kelli and I made this happen!!!!!!!!!!!
God bless our Kate and Walker...
the girls and guys gave them SUCH 
a hard time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But come on, how cute are they?!?
This little girl is super special, too!  :)
The boys had such a great time all day!
Then we tried to pull off a mom/son picture!
I loved that Angie and Amanda ended up
hanging out with me all day.
We had so much fun!!!
Having a bunch of kids try to take our 
picture was not easy!  ;)
 I think we are finally all looking the same way!  ;)

Mrs. Petty told the students that there
would be a "photo contest"!
We were determined to win...
and I think we did with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This is a FRiGHTeNiNG picture!!!
CCC and Walker driving;)

A whole car LOAD!  Oh my!!!
This will happen someday! 

Then the guys went to Champs and they 
decided to put on the shirt of the team
that they hate the most.  ha!
Walker STiLL would not put on a Baylor
shirt.  Pretty smart actually because
he was afraid it would be used
against him in the future ;)
So, he chose a Tech shirt. 
This was HILARIOUS to see Jared
and Cade in an A&M shirt.
They told me to send this one to Mr. Pierce!
I had a blast with these 
handsome guys that day!!!
It was fun running into other groups, too!
Crazy boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ang and I had to send this 
to Haley at school;)
I love them both so much!
We were left with these four at 
the end of the day!
"Forever 12"
So many fun and cute boys in this class!
Our guys decided they needed shades, too! ;)
Angie and I couldn't resist this one in 
front of Victoria Secrets!  ha!
I loved this day!
Mrs. Petty is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
We even ran into Logan!
He was there with his school for a choir trip, too!
After the field trip was over,
I kept these three with me:)
Since we had a little bit of extra time,
I went to Bath & Body!
They kept me entertained!

A day at the Richland Fashion Mall with a bunch
of sixth grade boys on a choir field trip 
proved to be a BLAST!!!  
I am so thankful that my boy 
WANTED me to be a chaperone. 
I wouldn't trade a day like this with him
for ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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