Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hadlee's School Christmas Party

I was in charge of Hadlee's 
third grade Christmas party! FUN!!!!
Rohon tries to get into every picture
we take of Cball and Haddie Cakes ;)
Aren't they cutie pies?!??!?!!!

We love Ms. Penson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After the students decorated 
gifts for their parents and ate,
we played a game in two teams where
the students had to try to shake
a jingle bell out of a box tied to them!  
It was funny!!!!!!!!!
Haddie was good at it!!!
Her team won!
Then they had to draw snowmen
based on my description on their head.  
Last I read a funny story and the students 
had to pass around a wrapped gift according
to when I said "right" or "left"...
It was such a cute story and the kids
loved this!  Kinda like hot potato!!!
The present was a tube of M&M's for every student!
Luckily both winners chose to share
with the class :)
The girls are few in Ms. Penson's class this year!
Sweet Jersi was sick that day:(
I am loving this class and this teacher!!!
The boys did a HILARIOUS rap for us!!!
I love being room mom to 
this sweet little girl's precious class!!!
Then we gave gifts to Ms. Penson!
LOVE her!!!!!! :)
The Good Lord has blessed me
far more than I deserve!!!

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