Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Lights in the GTV

CoCo had her sister's travel bus
for a week during December.  
We had SO MUCH fun in what I like
to call the "GTV"...
The GOOD TIMES VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
One Monday night, we took Hadlee and 
Kate to gymnastics and then
afterwards, we went to look at lights!
Walker was at basketball practice
so he had to miss this night.  
We came upon the BEST house!!!!!
Come to find out it was the home
of a little boy in Hudson's Sunday School class!
They even had a SNOW machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite chauffeur, Kelli G!!!!!!!
We also went by Mrs. Bain's...
she has the most BEAUTIFUL manger scene ever!

A few nights later, Brian took us 
for a night out in the GTV!
We had quite the crew...12 total
in the bus...and we started out in 
the drive through at Chickfila!!!!!!!
Talk about an order;)
I love my Kelli G!!!

We viewed our fun down town holiday area!
Haley had come with us and told us
about a giant Santa in Hidden Valley.
She took us on a WiLD chase trying 
to find this Santa and we doubted
her the whole time...UNTiLL we turned
the corner and there he was:
A GIANT SANTA!!!!!!!!!!
We had so much fun that night!!!
I think the kids may have
seen me kissing Santa Clause;)
Hudson thought this HUGE 
Santa was way cool!!!
YAY for Haley Girl
leading us to the giant Santa!!! :)
Then we went through this CRAZY
house that had sooooo many fun lights.
Come to find out THIS is the house
of one of Hadlee's classmates!!!
Jared and Walker had to jump
out and help Santa!!!
The GTV makes for such a fun time!!!
This is the BEST way to go look 
at Christmas lights!!!!!!!!
Hank and Ella are somewhere in this thing, too;)
My best friend since...
We had a great time that night in the GTV!

Hudson absolutely LOVED riding in
CoCo's "bus" one Friday she 
picked him up for Mrs. Janice's.
He was so excited and had his backpack
on and ready EARLY!!!
He told me he would be at the bus stop;)
He was serious about riding the bus;)
 Good times in the GTV!
Hoping for a vacay in it this summer:)

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