Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve Morning!!!
We were ready to hit the road
to see our family in Santa Anna!!!
Pure LOVE!!!!!
So excited to be there!!!
Love Love Love our Families!!!!!!!!!!
So precious...Granny making
Sweet Luke laugh!!!
As usual, Aunt Jessica and Chris
had an early present for each cousin
(to occupy them before we eat
and actually open gifts!)
Each one got a gingerbread house
to decorate!  Genius idea:)...
This immediately turned into
a fun competition!!!
Walker and Troy did theirs in about
ten minutes...complete with an
aTm.  It was awesome!
We had so much fun!!!!!!
I wasn't even really paying attention
and Hudson did his all by himself!
God love this little boy!
Jaden's had on "Beats"!!!!! ;)
Hudson worked really hard on his:)
Hadlee put Uggs on her cute gingerbread girl!  (;
Jolie's was too cute, too!!!
Dawson's was for the Cowboys!!!
And then there was mine:)
BU Mommy vs. A&M Son
Jessica's were the BEST!!!
She wins for sure:)
Although this little guy was a
close runner-up in my book;)
It was a perfect idea on Jessi's part!
I'm hoping to make it a tradition:)
Chris is ALWAYS so good to
Hadlee...taking her to buy lottery
tickets and getting her HOOKED;)
ha!  He's such a great guy
and we love him dearly.
Hadlee gave him a little gift for Christmas!
After the best Mexican food feast
in the world made by my beautiful
sister-in-law, it was time for PRESENTS!!!

My three got LOTS of awesome gifts!
A Darkhorse Frisbee for his trick shots!
American Girl pajamas!!!
Paw Patrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a fun day!!!!!
I absolutely triple puffy heart
love this picture.  They are my world.
My heart.  My soul.  My everything. 
Troy totally and completely surprised
me with this Aztec sweater I had picked
out over Thanksgiving when I went
shopping with his sister and nieces!
They hooked him (really ME!) up!!!!!!:)
I love my man.  
There is just nothing like being with family(:
May the odds be ever in their favor;)
Probably the best part of Christmas
was getting to visit and love on
Grandma and Grandpa Robinett. 
There are just no two greater
people walking this earth. 
We realize their days are numbered
and that breaks our hearts.  
Grandma and Luke together
were so sweet:)
I hope my children realize that
their grandparents exemplify how
we all need to lead our lives!
It's always so special to spend
time with Great Grandma Pierce, too. 
We love her so much!!!
Cindy and James are the most
wonderful and gracious hosts!
I love my Bro-in-Law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got home late, late on Christmas Eve
night...with Johnny ManzELF still hanging
on for dear life!!!!!!!!!!;)

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