Friday, January 23, 2015

Hadlee's Shining Star Award!!!

On the last day before the holidays,
Ms. Penson called to tell me that
Hadlee would be getting the 
for third grade!!!  What an awesome
way to start off our holidays!
I told her that I had to come to 
school with her to take care
of some PTA stuff ;)
But then Daddy showed up, too...
she may have started to wonder;)
Mr. Everett read the most wonderful
letter about Hadlee.  The students don't
know who the student being described
is until the end of the letter...
hers was all about a student who 
is kind and honest and hard working
and joyful.  Also that she has never
had a behavior box taken away from 
her...not even a warning for that matter!
It was cool because Mrs. Bain was
the teacher giving the awards that day:)
Hadlee's sweet fourth grade friend, Avery,
was the fourth grade Shining Star that day!!!
They are both such special
little girls!!!!!!
Assembly at South Bosque is such
a fun time for the kiddos...
they give out awards and celebrate
birthdays and sing!  It's a blast!
This little girl is my Shining Star every single day!
And of course she's always Daddy's Girl :)
But equally if not more so ;)
Mommy's Girl!!!!!
We were SO proud and she was 
Eight Years Old ~ Third Grade
What an HONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God knew we needed this little
Shining Star in our lives!!! :)

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