Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Football Banquet

What an experience!!!
Walker playing football for the TriCity Panthers
turned out to be such an amazing experience!
We couldn't believe when we arrived
at the banquet to see what Coach Burgess 
had made for each of the players!
We had great food and fun at the banquet!
First up were our cheerleaders (:
They performed for us! (:
These little girls cheered their
hearts out all season! 
The junior cheerleaders cheered with them on stage.
Then Sheka spoke about the girls :)
They have a BOND with Mrs. Sheka!!!
Coach Olsen gave them each a gift...
Then they each received a 
medal and a framed certificate:)
Sheka mentioned in her talk about 
how far Hadlee had come with 
her spunk and loudness!  ;)
 Way to Go, Cheerleaders!

Proud OF this girl and FOR this girl!!!
Then Sheka called each player up
to get their trophy, medal and certificate. 
When Walker came up, Sheka mentioned
how this was his first year to play football.
She said, "Did you love it?" and put the 
microphone to Walker's mouth.
He said, "Yes m'am!"  
Shaking each coach's hand...
Walker liked them all!
I love how Hudson is up there taking
pictures of his brother with his little iTouch:)
That's our boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then they had the whole team come up on stage. 
It was such a fun program :)
Coach Burgess presented each player
with their picture he had done for them.
Walker's is AWESOME.  
What a thoughtful and generous 
thing Coach Burgess did.
These coaches really cared about these boys. 
So proud of all of these boys!!!
Unbeknownst to us, then Sheka
started talking about the precious
ball boy from this season. 
I didn't know how Hudson would
take this, but he hopped right up
to go and accept his medal!!!
This was just too cute!!!
 He won't ever forget this!!!!
He was SO proud
(and so were we!!!!!!!)
The coaches spoke....
And the boys listened...
The girls then surprised Sheka
with a little treat! 
They did "Boom Boom Power"
in her honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sheka will be our friend forever!
 We love her so much!!!
This was a REALLY cool day. 
 Huds was so pumped!!!
Big Jo and Walk
Such a great group of guys!!!
Hudson wanted in on this, too (:
Way to Go, Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!
During the banquet, the dads were
even honored.  Scott, Troy and Mark
were the chain crew!!! 
Haley Girl should have been honored, too! 
She has Hadlee's vote on everything! 
 Team Sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These two really do act and look like sisters:)
J Moore and Walkman
The Pierce Party loved 
this entire experience!!!!!!
Love my other daughter(:
Coach D-Day!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had always thought we would let
Walker start playing football in 7th
grade (if he wanted to).  He set in 
asking to play on this team.
Even on the morning of sign ups,
we were STiLL trying to talk him
out of it.  We just didn't know if
he had it in him and if it was 
the right thing to do.  
This was Walker's deal
and he insisted.  I pretty much
figured it would be a great
experience or the worst experience.
After the first practice which was
in the DEAD of our HOT summer
when these boys had a REAL
work out - like make you throw up -
so hard work out,
I didn't know how it would go.
Walker stuck with it and gave it 
his all and he had a great first
season.  He still has a lot to learn
and needs to get tougher,
but he hung!!!  He did AWESOME.
Troy and I couldn't be more proud
of our #86 ~ on and off the field. 
I also had no clue when we signed up
that this cheerleading thing was such a big
deal.  It was a blast!!!!!!
Certainly made going to "brother's games"
all the time SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!
Proud of these two
AND our little ball boy!!!

So thankful for our time on 
the Tri-City Panthers ~
we really became like a family!!!
Glad you went for it, Walker!!!!!!!!!!
Proud of YOU(:

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snekcip said...

How COOL are those individual team pics!!LOVE IT!! Congrats to Talented Football Player (Walker), The Beautiful Cheerleader (Hadlee) and The Awesome Ball Boy (Hudson) The Pierce team ROCK!!!!