Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hudson's "School" Party

Everyday seems to be special
at Mrs. Janice's :)
The last day before the holidays
was pajama day at her house!!!
Talk about CUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently even CoCo wore
her pajamas that day!!!!!!! ;)
We couldn't love this beautiful lady more!!!
How fun and cute are Janice & Adrienne?
They look like sisters!!!!!!!!!!!
Janice and Adrienne both had 
awesome gifts for the kids
(They got Hudson a Lego set he's
been begging for...apparently to them, too!  ha
AND a gift card to Chickfila ~ in 
which he told me he'd take me on 
a date with!!!)  Plus the kids drew
names with each other for a gift exchange.
I couldn't even begin to express in 
words how grateful I am for the 
love and influence that Janice
and Adrienne have brought to 
my little H's lives. 
I think Hadlee would still go
 there if I'd let her:)

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snekcip said...

Doesn't it feel good to find "more than babysitters"?!! Just love when you find caregivers for our babies that truly LOVE THEIR JOB and THE KIDS and not just "a paycheck". These ladies are priceless!! I love the SOCK MONKEY PJ's!!!