Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Travis Lately

My handsome and sweet Superman...
an update on him is always a good thing!
He and Hadlee with the poster
she bought him with her book
fair money.  God bless them both.
Sweet, Sweet Souls. 
I love him so much.  
Always have, Always will.
He was my first true love.
Becoming an aunt was the absolute
BEST.  It changed me forever
Even though I was only 13 years old.  
Trav continues to take horseback
riding for therapy.  He had a show
in December.  Unfortunately it
was at the same time as Walker's
football banquet so I had to miss it:(
Everyone else went though!
As far as Travis Lately...well,
insurance has pretty much cut out
all therapy yet again.  But that's no
step for a stepper.  Travis works
out everyday on his own...
on the treadmill and lifting his weights.
He has such a drive. 
He spends his days at home mostly
watching tv, texting and being
on Facebook.  He sends out vocabulary
words for his followers to learn.  The guy is
so intelligent. His texts brighten
many of our days and his charm
is off the charts:)
His hair?  Well, it's not my favorite...
but he really, really wants to grow
it out much to EVERYONE's dismay.
He's SOOOOO much more handsome
with short hair.  The guy doesn't
have much control over anything
in his life...so if he wants his hair
like this, then more power to him. 
He had a swallow study a couple
of days before Christmas. 
A doctor and tech came to his house
in a van type thing to do it. 
For some reason the swallow
tests are SO hard for me to watch.
I just couldn't do it this time
and felt terrible not staying
for Lynna.  She is so strong.
As far as the results...well,
Travis said it best,
"the results were far from what
we wanted to hear" BUT the
 doctor just said more time is needed and
offered encouragement and hope! 
Nevertheless the results were hard to hear
 and take yet again.  Thankfully,
 Travis defies the odds time and time again.
I know God isn't going to let all
of this hard work/pain/struggle go in vain.
  It may not be on the time table I'd prefer
 (and certainly not Trav's - VERY understandably)
 but I just BeLieVe God is still very much
at work on this whole deal.
I still can't believe and can't get over
what happened to my beloved Travis. 
The tears can fall so easily all the time
for him and over him.  It's a hard
life for him, Lynna and Scott.
There are some possible things in
their futures that I'm praying so much for...
a new job, possible retirement
and some good things in the works
for Travis.  I just pray and pray and pray.

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snekcip said...

Yeah MY MAIN MAN Travis!!So good to see him!! This young man right here is GOD'S MIRACLE IN MOTION! Travis has is surrounded by SUCH LOVE and a wonderful family, this is definitely what keeps this young man from giving up!! Mindy, I know the tears comes easily, and it's hard not to reflect on the "what if's." We may not know the reason's Travis was chosen to journey on this road, but what I do know is God is beside him every step of the way. What a testimony!! (Gives me chills to even think about how far Travis has come)