Sunday, January 25, 2015

BuSY, Blessed Holidaysssssssss

I love church at Christmas time!!!
I just feel like it's the best place
to be while celebrating Jesus!!!
My heart is so full. 
Love seeing our Haley Girl (:
They really are like sisters!!!
Hadlee adores Haley's friends, too! 
We had fun celebrating in Pre-K Praise!!!
Madelyn helped me that morning
which was such a sweet surprise!
She was home from Tech:)
Love her so much!!!
My Favorite Gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Sweet Jesus!!!

Forcing Walker to go to SPICE
with the girls and me was not my best
decision on the first official day of our holiday ;)
These two loved it though!!!
My Fave (:
We had a blast with J & P that day :)
Walker and Presli are too cute!
I love their little friendship:)
Silly, Silly, Silly

Cutest Little Elf EVER!
We celebrated Lynna's 54th
Birthday on December 20th...
Michelle and Travis found Lynna
this funny shirt!!!  Travis gives
Lynna the hardest time about her age;)
Travis surprised Lynna with
some Kendra Scott earrings!!!
She had been wanting some...
Trav and I thought the Tiger's Eye 
was perfect for Lynna!!!
After we ordered those from Nordstrom,
I came across these at Spice that looked
SO REAL so I bought them for Lynna, too.  
I even added a "Kendra Scott" to them!
ha ha!  Lynna didn't even realize
until I told her!!!!!!!!
Their GORGEOUS first born!!!
Randomly driving by the new Baylor
Stadium and this is how my children react!!!
They are horrible!!!!!!!!!;)
Cutest little pet ever at Petco;)
Gift exchange with our favorite girl:)
I saw this on Facebook and 
loved it!!!  Such truth:)
Busy as EVER,
but more BLESSED than EVER.

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