Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hadlee's Christmas Music Program

Our precious third grader
had her Christmas Music Program
in December! 
 It was EXTRA special because
she had a duet in it with her 
best friend, Jersi :)
I absolutely love when the curtain
opens on the stage at South Bosque
and I see all these precious children singing!
Singing about the holidays!!!!!!
Jersi and Hadlee were absolutely
PRECIOUS singing their little duet!!!!!!
I still can't believe my girl
did this!  I love her spunk!!!
Jersi helps bring this out in her.
I am so glad!!!!
The songs were PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda and I didn't know how we got so lucky
that Hadlee & Cannon were beside each other :)
My two favorite girls!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely adore them and their
precious little friendship!!!
AHHHH!  With Sweet Addy, too!
They miss having her in the same class:(
We were all so proud of our girl!
So many precious kiddos!!!
These five in Ms. Penson's class are 
really special!!!
Cannon, Hadlee, Jersi, Rohon, Hayden
But these two absolutely
 MELT my HeaRT!!!
They are just too cute for words!!!
Of course we thought this little
girl stole the show;)
Eight sweet years old:)
We adore Ms. Flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND Ms. Penson!!!
How can we be this blessed?!?
The Bros!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My heart is happy and full!
One down, one in and one to go!  ;)
Thank you, Lord!
Of course Grandmother couldn't 
miss this show!!!!!!!!!!!
My darling little girl,
you are my heart!
We celebrated at Hadlee's choice
after the show:)
We were all so proud of her!
Of course she and Daddy had to
celebrate with a sundae after we ate!
It's always a good time with this gang! (:
Little Girl,
We are proud of you!
Your kindness and your determination
and your spunk amaze us!
I would never have had the nerve
to sing with a friend on stage
when I was your age. 
You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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