Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 Santa Pictures

Santa 2014!!!
Walker was NOT happy
when I told him we were going
to see Santa.  It was just not
what he wanted to do...
but look which 12 year old still went
and sat on Santa's lap when
Santa motioned for him!!!  :)
Eight year old sweet thing
was ALL about it!!!
Four almost FiVE fun years...
Hadlee's sweet friend, Hannah,
was with us that night so she came along:)
Christmas is magical to this little guy:)
The birth of Jesus became
so much more real to me
after I became a mother.
To think about Mary giving
birth to the Baby Jesus.
Wow.  Just Wow. 
I know Santa has nothing to do
with the true meaning of
Christmas, but I don't mind
my children experiencing
and enjoying the magic of it all.
Hudson's PRECIOUS list he made
for Santa....
Wrist (as in a quarterback wristlet for plays)
Pants (as in blue football pants)
Jersey (as in a Cowboy jersey)
Then he drew a football for Santa;)
And of course my favorite
Santa pic of alllll time...
even though it was LONG before
my time.  My sisters with Santa ~
Michelle's hand over Lynna's smiling face!
Classic.  Just Classic!!!!!!

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