Sunday, January 11, 2015

Go Bears & Shopping (:

I couldn't believe this little girl
wearing Baylor clothes on one 
of our game days!!!
 Big Huds wanted it to be HIS game day;)
What an adorable Baylor Girl she is!!!!!!
Daddy was at the deer lease so that
may have had something to do with it;)
Of course Walker wasn't having this 
CLASSIC Picture!!!!!!!!
He has my cute Baylor hat
and Hadlee has her gig 'em up!  (;
We weren't going to the game,
but shopping instead:)
And 3Spoons of course!!!
I just couldn't get enough
of my little Baylor Girl (:
I couldn't find anyone to help
me at Target so I took it upon
myself to undress the mannequin.  
Hadlee was DyING!!!!!!!
Oh giiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrllllllll, it's only
beginning how embarrassing your mother can be;)
The kids request a lot of pictures
of things they might want for Christmas;)
Hudson was dead set on a plaid
button down WITH a hoodie
and some black jeans???
Where does he come up with this stuff?
He found EXACTLY what he wanted 
at Dillards although I talked him into 
some "dark" jeans rather than black jeans. 
Grandmother told him to put it 
all on hold for her to get!!!
Hadlee wanted her to see this
chevron shirt, too!  ;)
Cutest little bootie in Levi's EVER.
I mean SeRiouSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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