Friday, January 16, 2015

Shopping, Playing, Deliveries & Such

If I were rich or really creative,
there are SO many things I'd love to
do for so many people.  I just
adore all the people in my life!!!
MANY take really, really good care of
my family and the office staff
at Hadlee's school & our doctor's office,
just to name a couple.
SO, Sopapillia Cheesecakes for all! :)
Picking up these two precious angels
makes for the perfect Friday afternoon:)
Definitely a Kendra Scott/Kate Spade
earring type of Christmas!!!!!!! 
I tend to go overboard when I like
something and want everyone
I love to like what I like, too!  ha! 
Nordstrom and I have a new love
for each other.  Free shipping...
thankyouverymuch.  Gets me every time! 
(Some of these I ordered on behalf
of my mother to give my sisters and me...
but most were for favorite teachers/friends...
Kelli G and I ordered each other
the exact same pair of Kate Spades
for each others' Christmas;)!)
This guy.  He just gets me.
He's getting WaY too big though...
he's is pure love.
Shopping with our Fave Girl! 
This cutie pie dropped our fave
girl's phone!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hard to get upset with him...
soooo we just got it fixed. 
Oh well, what can ya do?!?  ;)
 He will stop anything and everything
to snuggle.  ANyTiME. 
I ask him all the time if he promises
to always love me this much.
He says YES.
I'm going to hold him to it:)
I'm seeing a lot more of this...
Big guys, football and phones!!!
I found these two random pictures
on my phone and couldn't figure
out why they took these pics...
Then I found this:
HA!  They were using some silly app!!!!! ;)
Back to Basketball for my Big Boy!!!
On the rare occasion, all three
will come to my classroom with me.
I can get a lot done when they do.
Yeah, not so much;)

Sweet Pea got the stomach virus
and of course it broke our hearts.
She's just the saddest sick person:(
When she started feeling better,
she and I had fun writing out
cards to friends and teachers
and putting together gifts:)
Gotta give gifts to all of our
sweet teachers!!!
SOOO fun to put together gifts!
I could do this all day long:)
Hadlee was so excited to give
this to her bestie:)
I was so glad when Haddie perked back up,
and we were able to get out again! 
Sometimes you just gotta crash though;)
Sweetest Delivery Girl EVER(:
Thumbs up for Christmas! :)
Love these silly two! 
Mr. V, one of my absolute dearest friends
whom I e-mail with twice daily,
was too sweet to drop by a gift for
our family and genuine Indian medicine
bags he had made for the kiddos!
They were so proud of them:)
Walker had to get his other Indian
treasure from Mr. V out for the picture!
These are the two sweetest gifts
under the tree.  Wrapped and labeled
by Hadlee for Mom and Dad.  Her heart :)

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