Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wrapping Fun

The perfect opportunity for revenge
had finally arrived!  
It was time to get the Cates and 
the Barkleys back;)))
It was an away football game
so we knew the Cates were gone.
Sister and I were scared to death!!!
This is her teacher's house;)  ha ha
This time Daddy was in charge
and he meant business!!!
We enlisted our best wrappers ~ 
Walker, Jared and Logan
Plus some cute extras:)
Wrapping wears you OUT!!!!!!!!
(This was also the picture that I sent
Melissa and Kelli telling them I don't
know what they were talking about...
Hudson had gone to sleep early that night!!!)
This was the first text we received
late that night!  LOL!
They thought we had enlisted the Carrs;)
As the texts ensued,
we did a drive-by of our work
the next day;)
I wish I had taken pictures of all 
of our texts!  They were hilarious...
especially between two English teachers 
(myself and Melissa) plus Troy and Kelli
thrown into the mix!
Such funny, hilarious memories:)
Now here's hoping our kiddos don't
ever actually try wrapping someone!!!!!! 

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