Monday, March 14, 2016

Stuff :)

Here we go, Friday!
Can't believe all my babies are in school!
With one at MIDDLE SCHOOL...
eating in the commons area where
I ate lunch when I was in high school!
I was there handing out football shirts
and couldn't pass up visiting
Walker's lunch table!!!
HANDSOME boy in his
first PIERCE football shirt!!!
#80 just like his daddy was!
Delivering his football shirts
to LOTS of people...
especially GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He and another boy had the most
shirts ordered!  ha ha!
Hadlee and Lily ready for 
Friday Night Fun at Flips!!!!!!!
These two girls are CRAZY FUN!!!!
My sweet French girls decorating
our door for a contest:)
Oh myyyyyyyyyy....Troy and I have
had so much fun secretly reading
Walker's text messages!!!
I mean, he knows we do or 
that we can...but oh myyyyyyy!
The use of the crying laughy face!!!;)
I absolutely LOVE how innocent
his texts are now.  I know it won't
always be like that:(
Walker gave us his phone for 
all away games ~ Mr. Organized
never wanted to risk someone stealing
his phone (Troy Jr.).
So our drives to the away games,
I would read his texts to Troy.
Hadlee would just shake her head
in the backseat...she knows her days 
are coming:)
One day though we created
a FAKE text to Kate and 
sent it to Walker!
We pretended that he asked
her to Homecoming!!!
Of course he didn't fall even for
a second and neither did Kate...
but all of her friends DID
and Kelli got in on video!!! ;)
We are funny parents.  LOL
Insert laughing crying face:)
Hey Aggie Boy
Mrs. Decker had on maroon that day, too!
I love that she sent me this picture:)
Dropping the J's and W off at MMS...
Ready for school pictures
for Miss Hadlee's class:)
Hadlee's treats to her precious big 
sister in dance company:)
We included all of Claire's faves.
LOL at Mrs. Emily's text to me 
from dance class!!!
Leave it to my girl to request
Bush's, too!!! ;)
Cracks me up that this is ALWAYS
what we find in Hudson's school folder.
The kid is constantly thinking about football! 
I get to laugh A LOT in my life.  
My kids are a MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then look at what Walker and Hadlee
did with Hudson's hilarious picture;)))
I am so proud of Walker's grades in 7th grade!
Early Release Day with this CREW!!!!!
WAIT! Walker was in there, too!!!!!
Most always a fun car load with me!  
Western Day at South Bosque...
Cutest Cow Girl EVER!
Yee haw, Hudson!!!!!!
These two are the sweetest souls:)
Thanks, Mother, for the necklace to 
match my earrings!!!!!!!!!!
Engineering Field Trip for Walker...
he had a blast.  He loves that class
and I love that he's getting a high school credit:)
GIRLS wearing Zack and Walker's 
football shirts!!!  Hold me;)
What would have I done without this little guy?
I would have missed out on so much 
of life had God not blessed us with him! :)
"I always wanted to be a hero - -
to sacrifice my life in a big way one time --
and yet, God has required my sacrifice
to be thousands of days, 
over many years, 
with one more kiss, 
one more story, 
one more meal."
Sally Clarkson 
I wouldn't have my life any other way.  

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