Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hadlee as the Shining Star!

Hadlee didn't know it yet, but she
was getting the Shining Star
Award and Jersi just happened
to be Principal of the Day!:)
Such sweet friends:)
Principal Jersi!
The sweetest things were said about
my hard she works,
how kind she is and how her smile
makes her teacher's day every day:)
What a HUGE, HUGE honor
to be chosen as a 4th grade 
Shining Star for her class 
in the FIRST six weeks!
It was so neat that Jersi got
 to present her certificate to her...
That's a wrap...this girl
has been a shining star every
single year at South Bosque!
Love her so much!
Each year this little girl of ours
has flourished more and more.
Her amazing teachers from kindergarten
through now with Mrs. Cates
have been a HUGE reason that
Hadlee has flourished!!!!!!!!!
I believe that with all my heart.  
Speaking of her teachers,
Mrs. Bain is one of those I'm talking about!
I am so very, very thankful
for Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Gingerich,
Mrs. Schmeltekopf, Mrs. Bain,
Mrs. Penson, Mrs. Cates, 
Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Welborn!
Mrs. Janice, too!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I can name them all and 
I thank the Good Lord for them all!!!
Jersi Kate is another reason
my girl has flourished!  
Brother was so proud!!!
But not as proud as her Daddy!!!!!!!!
OR HER MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli noticed this sweet tweet!  :)
Sweet Girl,
You have a JOY that I know 
can only come from the Lord.
It's a sweet, pure and innocent
joy and we couldn't be more
proud of all that you are!!!!
You are 
all the time!!!!!!!!!

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