Thursday, March 10, 2016

South Bosque Carnival/16th Anniversary

The South Bosque Carnival
fell on our Wedding Anniversary ~
September 25th...
so, we celebrated 16 years of marriage
at the always fabulous carnival! :)
Love these precious 4th grade girls
at their last official carnival :(
But it was Hudson's first official
carnival!  He and precious Hattie Bell!
The BIG treat for 4th graders is the 
opportunity to be in the dunking booth.
I was shocked that Hadlee wanted
to participate!  She couldn't wait.  
Her little brother was FIRST in line
to knock her out..............
........and this is what he did!!!!!!!!!!!   ;)
It was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
They had a BLAST!
Former South Bosque boys representin'!!!
Back as Big Brothers:)
The Cake Walk...
Funny seeing the 7th graders
with GiRLS participating!  
Precious, Adorable Kindergarten Friends:)
Happy Anniversary, My Love!  
Hanging around at South Bosque
is a lot of fun!!!!!!
Dinner and ice cream to celebrate
our anniversary!  Perfect for this
time in our lives:)
AND lovin' the Raven and Lily earrings 
my sweet man gave me...
"Our children and our teens need
parental stability, the anchor, to hold.  
They need your marriage and family
to stay committed to one another
and strong in faith.  
When your children grasp for
something to hold on to in the middle
of a storm, they will reach for the
anchor of your family."
I read this in Candy Gibbs book
Her words are a prayer of mine. 
Still SO in love...
even moreso...
after 16 years!!!

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