Thursday, March 17, 2016

Walker's Fall Choir Concert

Okay.  So I lied.
Seeing my son like this just about
did me in, too!
So handsome and so grown up.
I couldn't love this young man more!!!
Midway Middle School
Fall Choir Concert
He's my heart.  
Look at these boys!!!!!!!!!!!
Little Sibling Club:)
The 7th Grade Boys' Choirs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They did great!!!!!!!!!!!
Huds was thrilled with all the choirs;)  LOL
LOVE these KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wish I had taken picture of more 
of the girls in their blue dresses;)
All so handsome:)
Tatum and Hadlee :)
Football on Monday Night, 
Choir on Thursday Night 
Big Huds!
Someday, Huds;)
Dad sorta kinda behaved 
through the concert;)
Proud, Proud Parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time to go Celebrate!!!!!!!
Too Cute:)

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