Monday, March 14, 2016

Tournament + Family Fun!!!!!

This select stuff is so new to us!
I may not stick to this if Walker
doesn't do well in high school ball
(which is our goal at this point),
but I'm so glad we waited until now
to commit to select.  It's a commitment
for the entire family...
time wise and financially.  
We usually have more than just one 
thing going on the weekends, so
usually Troy and Walker head up
on their own since the games start
so early on Saturdays or Fridays.  
BUT then you check in to a cool
hotel, and it all seems worth it to 
Brother and Sister!  ;)
We made it to the big city ball park!!!
My view for much of the weekend...
And my other viewS.................
Wahoooooooo!  STORM wins!!!
Celebrating with teammates and
 friends at Dave and Busters that night!
Cort, James, Walker
Back at the hotel with Log...
God bless these poor hotels ;)
Day 2...Up bright and early!!!!!!!!!!
Ice Cream at the ball park before 11:00 AM!  
Unfortunately we got knocked out 
in the very last inning, last out, 
in a crazy way that morning:(
It was a HUGE bummer
for the boys.  
BUT.... gave us the opportunity to go
to the ball park next door
and watch our Haley Girl play!
I love my baseball boys!!!
It ALSO gave us the opportunity to
meet up with the Castles at 
Kendra Scott!!!!!!!!
We told the guys that this is what
happens when they lose;)
Happy Mama!
Mom F.T.W.
(For The Win)
Finally got me some red Kendras
with silver.  They made them at
the color bar!  Yay!!!!!!!!!
Hudson's turn...he chose
Dick's Sporting Goods!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because he needed THiS:
Daddy chose a high tech game
to play in the mall;)
This handsome kid just wanted
to go and gawk at the Apple Store!
Little Man was happy there, too! ;)
BUT then, sister and I sent the boys
back to Waco in the truck so 
she and I could hit up...............
Hadlee ForTherealWin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We manage to make it all worth it...
no matter what, 
plus we have a blast doing it!  :)

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