Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fall Fest ~ Pierce Style

What it is about the sight of my 
babies sleeping?  
Even when it's in the bed that 
I'm desperately wanting to crawl into?!?  
Mr. Pierce is at again;)
Yeah, yeah, Yeah...he's pretty much that great!  
The Great Fall Flood of 2015
The creek in our neighborhood was flowing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli G has really, really done it this time.
We have a couple of friends who send
out their Christmas cards like CRAZY 
EARLY.  Well, Kelli busted out
and sent me one in OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!
It was a TRUE LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She gives me more true LOL's 
than anyone:)
All I need is rain to get the kind of waves 
I want in my hair.  Is that weird?!?
Two moms and I totally suprised
sweet Mrs. Cates on her birthday!!!
We love her so much!
Hadlee McCall and Jersi Kate ~ 
one day supporting Big Brother
and the next day supporting Big Sister
in Presli's volleyball shirts!
LOVE these little Besties:)
Guess who made the MMS
Basketball Team?!?
AND was told he had the 2nd
highest GPA of all!!!!!!!!!!
Early morning basketball 
practice begins................
Our two car pool buddies didn't make
the basketball team, so we were
on our own to get Walker to school
at 6:30 in the morning everyday!!!!!!
Twinning in 4th Grade
Hudson's feather for his
Kindergarten Class Turkey!
CoCo made Hadlee a darling
TuTu and I found the cutest model for it!
Seriously THE cutest:)
My little helper in Sunday School:)
Celebrating Hank and Ella's 
5th Birthdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE that they share a birthday 
with my sweet dad:)
Happy Birthday, Sweet Ella!
Happy Birthday, Precious Hank!
Book Fair with Mommy!!!
ANd lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lunch and Book Fair with 
these two cutie pies, too!
We could NOT resist buying this
book for Mrs. Cates!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fall Open House
Too cute!  
Hadlee's writing is just outstanding!!!!!!
"Fall calls for a new wardrobe."
She's definitely my daughter:)
So proud of these two!!!
Hadlee's class has their 
very own "Facebook"...
it's so fun!  
Making the basketball team meant
this guy needed new hi-tops of course!
Size 12!!!!!!!!!!!
Who pretends like she works out
and that she drinks Starbucks?
First TOOTH Lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the same night that Hadlee
also lost a tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!
Halie Fun
Celebrating Logan's 13th Birthday!
Ready to go to the symphony
on a field trip....
Ready just because:)
Shoe Boxes for Soldiers!
Check him out!!!!!!!!!
Such a stud:)
These two make my heart so happy.  
Folder find:)
Mama doesn't participate in the 
Thanksgiving Feast at school...
I just can't do it!!!!  LOL!
Glad Mrs. Cates filled in for me;)
Low and Behold, check out #80 
on a poster in the main hall of MMS!!!
These two love them some selfies:)
Filming for Kid Pro;)
Their videos are PRiCeLeSS!!!!!!!!!!!
Injury;)  LOL
Hadlee's little muse..........
But he's my little LOVE.................
I needed him so much 
during these days:)
My kitchen helper...
she can make a sopapillia cheesecake
on her own now!!!!!!!!!!
Her sweet soul helps me every day.  
When did this guy turn into a MAN!?!
Dropping Walker and Reid off at 
a movie on their own.
Growing up too fast for this mama:(
Travis with his speech therapists
at Baylor!  They were wonderful
and he's doing so well!!!
Hot Air Balloons at School!
During the summer I was so 
incredibly honored, shocked and humbled
that an amazing group of Waco Women of Faith 
asked me to write a devotional for
their fall study.  I was honored, shocked
and humbled all over again when 
I saw this come by on Facebook!
The FALL brought a lot of reasons
why I should always ......
count my blessings.  
Thank the Good Lord for this 
sweet love of mine.  
"Don't worry about anything;
instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need, 
and thankf him for all he has done.
Then you will experience God's peace,
which exceeds anything we can 
understand.  His peace will guard
your hearts and mind as you live
in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7

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