Sunday, March 20, 2016

Finishing Up 7th Grade Football...

"Monday Night Lights" 
has been AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone loved supporting 
our favorite player, #80!
Celebrating Blake's birthday 
after the game at El Con with everyone!
Hadlee and Jersi at school
supporting Pierce!!!
Walker was the Starting SAFETY all season
and he did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Lovin' each other and football!!!!!!!!!
So much support for my boy!
The sisters had a blast all season!
We missed Halie, but Logan
was on Blue A Team.
Let Huddy in!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Win for Red 7th A's Last Game!
Zack, Cooper, Reid, Walker, Jared, Peyton
Awesome Season, Boys!!!!!!
I think you guys will be friends for life!
Oh Son, I'm just so proud of you!!!
Your first real season of 
playing Midway Football!
It was a wonderful experience
 with great coaches and awesome friends:)
Dad loves that you are wearing #80!
Love both of you guys!
You've worked so hard all season.
Not ONCE did you complain about
getting up before the crack of dawn
to be at football practice.  
In fact, I think you liked it!!!
You hustled and you did your best.
You looked so big out on that field
and of course I thought you were
the cutest player on the team;)
Even better, your grades are AWESOME
and you are KIND to EVERYONE.
The Good Lord Jesus has a 
hold of you and I'm most thankful
for that above ALL ELSE!!!!!!!!!
We just couldn't be more proud of you!
We love you, Walker Pierce!
Without hesitation,
you hung up your blues and grays
to wear white shirt/black shorts
and hi-tops to start early morning
basketball tryouts the next day!!!
120 boys trying out for 28 spots!!!!!!!!
Here We Go.............
Let's Go, MMS Basketball!!!

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