Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pink Out!

Pink Out!!!!!!!!!!!
Pink Out Pep Rally!
Ready for the Pink Out Game!!!
Ready to CHEER!!!!!!!!
Go Big Huds!
During Pre-Game,
Hadlee cheered with the cheerleaders...
It was a RaiNY night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee was easy to spot in her big bow,
turquoise  leggings and hot pink rain boots!  ;)
THEN, she switched to her dance team 
shirt and danced with the Goal Tenders!
Gorgeous Lily:)
Such precious 4th graders:)
Love these two so much!
7th Grade Section!!!!!!!!!!!
Georgia and Haley
My girl with Kassie photo bombing;)
It was a fun pink out night...
but when it started really pouring,
we were out of there!!!!!!!! ;)

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