Friday, March 4, 2016

Pressbox Football Game

Let's Go, Midway!!!!!!!!!
Ready to run out with the Panther Pack!
Kassie hooked us up with Press Box tickets again!
This kid was LOVING it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine my surprise (or better yet, Troy's!)
when these two little boys knocked on our 
suite's door to ask to see Hadlee!!!  ;)
I mostly just enjoyed my view
of the middle school 7th grade section!!!
I had my eyes on my BOY!
Kassie, Angie and Shawnette
went to a concert but I chose
to attend the game instead.  
After they sent me pictures of their
view at the concert, I had to 
send them MY view;)
Kate and Caroline were on to my spying!  ;)
7th Graders!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this bunch:)
My favorite(:
Kicked back enjoying the game!
Him?  Well, just being my rock star!  ;)
We finally got these guys to make
an appearance in the press box!
Love our boys!!!!!!!
Fun night of Midway football!
Loving all of these fun memories!!!

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