Saturday, March 19, 2016

Haley Project

Mrs. Cates gave her students an 
extra credit project.  
Hadlee didn't need any extra credit,
but of course she was going to do it:)
I love that about her!

They had read a story in class about
a friendship between a child and an older
person so one of the choices was to 
share about a friendship you have 
with an older person. 
This was a super easy choice for Hadlee...
Haley even worked with Hadlee on some of it.  
Other than printing the pictures, 
Hadlee wrote and designed it:)
I take that back...we decided to use
alliteration in the descriptions of the pictures
and I helped her with that:)
We loved how it turned out!!!
It truly is a precious friendship.
I am thankful that Hadlee has a Big Sister:)
Everyone loved it at school...
especially the teachers since Haley
also went to South Bosque!!!

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