Wednesday, March 16, 2016

MHS Homecoming 2015

Our beautiful Jordan who lived across
the street from us when we were first
married 16 years ago and now is 
such a gorgeous, sweet young lady
was a homecoming queen nominee!
The Parade...
The mum I ordered for Troy for Hadlee
from the Home Ec class:)
William hosted a "No Date Homecoming"
Party before the game.  Most of the moms
thought our kiddos were too young
to actually have dates.  This was a cute
idea;)  I don't think asking anyone
ever crossed Walker's mind anyway!  
These two sure would have made cute
Homecoming Dates though;)
Hudson and the Panther Pack lining up!
My date;) except he gave this 
mum to another girl!!!!
And what a cute, precious 
girl he gave it to........
Homecoming always brings to mind
my own sister being crowned Queen
in 1980!  That's why Lynna gets
to always be the brunette emoji
with the crown now;)
It also reminds me of Michelle
being a cheerleader and picking
me up from school to attend her
pep rallies....especially the 
Homecoming one with all the floats!
And finally, of my Aunt Kitty
and Uncle Ron giving me a 
beautiful mum from the time I 
was about two until a boy bought
me one in 7th grade:)
My own year of being one in five
nominated to be queen is also
quite the memory!!!!!
I heart Homecoming
and can name all of my dates
from 7th-12th!  ;)
Little Sister Club :)
We just happened to be playing the team
that Macy coaches for so we got to see
our beautiful Macy Girl!!! 
She was cheering for her school,
but she sat on Midway's side:)
LOGAN, too!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun seeing Dream Team's 
little ones all together at the game, too...
all but Walker!
He's too cool for us;)
Allie, Jillian, Huds, Hadlee, Cate, Kara
Hadlee loves Allie:)
LOVE our #DreamTeam!!!!!!!!!!
Some 4th Grade Faves:)
Homecoming Haley:)
We love her so much!
Beautiful Jordan was crowned 
the QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Pierce Party
These two made the cutest couple
of Homecoming 2016...
I love their love!

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