Saturday, March 19, 2016

Football for Troy's Birthday!!!

Celebrating Troy's Birthday on 
October 19th at Walker's football 
game in Belton!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zack Attack and Walky Talky
Peyton, too!!!!!!!!!
Walker was freaking out that
I was taking these pictures
during the B Team game.
He's such a rule follower and didn't
think I should be over there 
taking pictures!  LOL!
Reid, Walker, Jared
Let's Go, Midway!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to my Man!!!!!!!!!
Surprise, Troy.....
It's your Birthday Party!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Parnells were invited, too!  ;)
Way to get the "W" 
for Dad's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
These two are the BEST(:
Our away game group all hit
up Chickfila to eat and 
celebrate T-Dawg!!!
Troy was embarrassed we were 
all singing!!!!!!!!!!!
The players decided to celebrate
in the play room!!!!!! ;)
We walked out and there was an 
ambulance waiting...
for our 47 year old !!!  ;)))
Hudson's Birthday Sign for Daddy...
Hadlee's perfect sign for her Daddy...
We love you so much, 
Hot Hubby/ Best Daddy!!!

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