Friday, March 18, 2016


God can't give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing Picture Quote #1
      .....because I'm finally realizing this.  

Snuggling with these two!!!!
Hanging with these two!!!
7th Grade parties for Walker!!!
Dropping these three guys off at 
MMS with all their football equipment!
Hudson couldn't get over a "footie"
when we were shopping for new shoes;)
Walker's project for Pre-AP English.
He came up with everything on his own...
but I insisted on adding the black
construction paper as background:)
He even wanted to include a list on the back
of the six items he chose to include from the rubric!
Our Tri-City football coach was 
honored with the Extra Mile Award
at our school board meeting.
Many of his boys wore their jerseys
and showed up to support him:)
I'm so glad that Walker and Troy went.  
Lovin' 4th Grade:)
Lovin' Kindergarten:)
I read this and it just HiT me so hard.
This is so me!!!!!!!!!!
My intellect verses how I actually react......
I have to confess...7th period is my favorite!
They are so fun and so involved!!!
Groups LeaRNiNG!!!!!!
Speaking of learning,
Mrs. Cates knows where it's at!
That's Hadlee in yellow & a hat acting
out the story they read!!!!!!!!!!!
But 4th grade, why so much homework?!?;)
Thank the Good Lord 
that Daddy knows MATH!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture Day:)
Weekend Shows...
NERF GUN WARS!!!!!!!!!!
My heart is so full.  
Sweetest little face in the whole wide world.....
Sunday night 3 Spoons while the big
brothers are at Bible Study.........
She's my girl.
A hat and a braid!
(of course dirty hair, too!!!!!)
TWINNING at Midway Middle School
during Red Ribbon Week!
How handsome are these two?!?
Circle Drive Football
Homework for Haley ;)
Super Hero Day at South Bosque!!!
Don't all kids ride around in a 
football helmet with a mouth piece?!?
Ella & Hadlee
Our sweet baby girls:)
Oh Walker.  You are my heart!
Lolly Pop Dance!
Dressed up for game day;)
but needs new khakis!  lol!
That time I found this on my 
phone that my daughter had made;)
PJ Day at School!!!!

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