Friday, March 11, 2016

Ordinary Fall Days

My poor guy was SICK:(
Breaks my heart when my babies
are sick.  So thankful that it's usually
only temporary.  You never, ever
know when that can change.  
My kiddos' eyes always tell me 
when they are sick:(
Sweet Thing in the shirt Macy H 
brought her from Tennessee!
Parent Night in Mrs. Cates' Class!
We made her Twitter;)
Coloring Buddy:)
Getting a little golf in.....
Pretending to be Dr. Graham....
Mimicking every last thing
that he saw our doctor doing....
This boy and his imagination!
Kindergarten Memory that Anthony's mom
sent me!  Look at these guys:(
(This literally happened my first
year of teaching when a kid started
choking in my classroom!
But I did the heimlick!!!)
Reading with my Baby Love...
Getting in one last swim....
I love the warmth of the sun:)
He is my sunshine!
Reid's 13th!  Huds right there with the big boys!
Baxter & the Boys!!!!!!!!!
Jared is just like fam.  
About to leave for 737 ~
his Bible Study on Sunday evenings.  
I couldn't be more proud of this guy.  
My Fave Littles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of Hadlee & Haley's favorite
pictures of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
A Fixer Upper house near the high school!  
Hadlee and I totally stalked it!!!!!!!!!!
Another "Hadlee Original" I found
on my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's Go, Friday!!!!!
Two kids at South Bosque again!
Fun Friday Assembly:)
Twinning with my Haley Girl!
I love her so much!!!
TGIF and time for more baseball!
13 Times the Thanks for Sure!!!
My child comes home from a long
day at school, gets her markers out
and this is what I see her making... :)
 Tweets and Posts from South Bosque!!!
Obviously I am BEYOND
BLESSED with the amount
of love my children get at school
and by how much they LOVE
their school and teachers!!!
Look who made the announcements
one day at South Bosque....
With an interview and ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson just types into his iTouch
and has it text us whatever words pop up!;)
Celebrating Nadali's Birthday!!!
Gotta love friends who are like family!
Troy is really trying to convert the Moores!
He loves when he catches them in 
maroon.  I don't think it's going to work though;)
Unless of course there's a
scholarship involved;)
Happy Birthday, Precious Nadali!
Bookmarks that Hadlee made for
her classmates.  Love her creativity:)
Exercising on a beautiful Saturday morning...
...with this cutie pie...
Actually makes exercising FuN!!!!

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