Saturday, March 26, 2016

~ Dad's 76th Birthday ~ Who Knew......

In our true family fashion,
we celebrated my Dad's 76th birthday.
We decided on George's just for
something different, and it's a place
Dad has always liked.  
For as long as I live, this will be 
one of those nights filled
with memories and pictures that
I'll never, ever forget.  
Dad was his silly self for the most part...
We laughed the night away!(:
We love this man!!!!!!!!
I am so thankful that we 
celebrated Dad that night......
Hunter had to work that night
and Macy of course is in Killeen
teaching and coaching;
they would have been there if they could
have been and had they known
this would be our last 
official celebration 
(mostly) whole and healthy.  
Never a dull moment
with the Gibson Girls;)
Boy does this man love his girls!
Dad and his "Sons"
My sweet parents...
with crazy Walker D photo bombing again!
These two...
married for 57 years...
the salt of the earth.    
We so rarely ever take a family
picture of the five of us. 
It's crazy that we did that night
as we were leaving.  
We all hugged and kissed and said
good bye.  I specifically remember
hugging my dad and telling
him bye.  I had absolutely no idea
what the rest of this week 
would hold for him and our family.  

My Facebook post that night was this
picture with these words...
"Happy Birthday to my Sweet Dad. 
So thankful for a dad who has 
done nothing but love and support 
me my whole life. 
I treasure these celebrations SO much!"

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