Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More 7th Grade Football

The Wrapping Culprit and his
two Besties!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Cutest little panther fans ever!!!
#1 Walker Pierce Fan...
Adorable Pep Squad Members!!!
Kelli took this picture for me
during the B Team game;)
Let's Go, 7th Grade A Team!!!!!
Walker and Jared out for the 
punt return!!!!!!!!!
Pierce with the catch!
Walker was also on the Kick Off Team!
Love that #80!!!!!!!!!!
Zach, Walker and Pey lined up and ready!
Cutie Pie Sisters!
Big Win for the A Team!
I still can't believe this day has come!
He was so not into Mom taking his picture!
Walker had an awesome game
and played SO hard...
he even had some war wounds!!!
So cute even with wounds;)
Bestill my Heart
At one of the away games!
So stinkin' cute in his uniform!!!
Walker started every game
on defense and went in on offense
as a receiver on the second string.
Plus he was on all special teams.
He was on the field A LOT!
Walker had an AWESOME 
interception during this game!!!
Way to go, Midway!
We had such a fun group of parents
in football on the Red A Team.
We had a blast every single game plus
I had a blast with my texting group 
of moms on Red and Blue!
For every away game, we made
a late Chickfila stop to eat...
these are good, good times! :)

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