Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dance Team Clinic

On our way to the MHS Goal Tenders
Dance Clinic!  Had to have bacon
and pancakes on the way!!!  ;)
Precious!  This might be in her future:)
Beautiful Betsy:)
Huds and I hung out while
Hadlee danced her little heart out:)
Lunch at the Clinic....
Sweet Dance Class Friends:)
Such a fun day!!!
Then we came to watch her perform
during the Showcase!
Hadlee & Lily
LOVE these two sweeties!!!!!!!!!!
Such precious, close friends ~ 
from different schools and grades.
I love that!
Grandmother was SO proud!!!
One of my beautiful students who
happens to be the daughter of one
of Troy's good friends from high school...
Obviously we love Kolby!!!!!
Can't believe she's a senior!
Super sweet FUN day!  :)
My crew:)
I got to be Mama to two extra
 girl dancers today!!!!!
My All Time Favorite Dancer:)
Loaded up............
Road Trip to Dallas to meet the rest of 
our families at the big
boys' STORM tournament!!!!!!!!!!!

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