Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hudson as Super Kid of his Class & My Heart!

Hudson drew the SUPER KID
bag one week in kindergarten!!!
He was so excited:)
He told me exactly what pictures
he wanted and what he wanted to say!
When I grow up, I want to be a ......
The best thing about me is my....
He was so proud of his poster:)
He truly is a SUPER KID!

He may have been the 
Super Kid of his Class that week...
but he's my SUPER Sweet Baby Love
every single day of the year..........
He's my #1 fan!!!!!!!
Always suprising me with something...
his sweet lovin' or gifts he created:)
I am SUPER blessed!!!!!!!!!!!
Too cute that Hadlee captured all of
 this ~ I had no idea what they were up to!
We are getting married!!!!!!
Oh Sweet Hudsy Puds,
the best thing about you really is
your heart!!!!!!!!!!!
I still sometimes think you might
be a sweet little angel on earth!  
I love you, Sweet Boy!

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