Thursday, March 3, 2016

September in Full Swing

Somebody started to absolutely 
LOVE kindergarten!!!!!
Getting happy messages and pictures
from Hudson's teacher makes
me so thankful for two reasons:
#1 That my boy is HAPPY!
#2 That he has a teacher thoughtful
and kind enough to take the time
to send me a picture like this:)
AND even one more...
#3 For dear friends who work at South Bosque
and see my boy, steal a hug from him,
and then send me a selfie!!!!!!!
Pictures like those help this mama
to kick back and enjoy her latte.
(Kidding.  Empty cup...
only wish I could drink something from 
a Starbucks cup!!!!!!!! LOL!)
Trudi is my most special and dearest
neighbor...we love to pray for each other.
I am SO VERY thankful for her & her hubby.
One day she dropped by this precious
pillow for me.  I will treasure it 
always and always PRAY BIG
with and for her!!!!!!!!!!
Check out the AWESOME shirt
that God Mommy sent Walker for his 
birthday!   Golden State, Baby!!!
My Uncle Ron's sister has always
been like an Aunt to us.  In fact, 
we call her Aunt Jo.  
Her husband passed away after
a battle with cancer.  We were so 
glad to be a part of this intimate, 
special service in honor of Sam.
Uncle Ron led it and Aunt Jo
read scripture from her own cherished Bible.
It was a beautiful tribute to Sam
and a wonderful testament to a woman
who leans on the Lord for her strength.
I loved being there and sitting on the front
row with my beloved Aunt Kitty.  
Back to Gymnastics!!!
Coach Stephanie says Hadlee
is SO CLOSE to her back handspring!
New helmet for Midway!!!
MMS 7th Grade Football Player!!!!!!!!!!!
Cutest Little Baller EVER!
My beautiful and sweet
4th grader:)
Hadlee loves school and the 
school loves her!!!!!!!
Look at my little kindergartener on a 
Tweet from the school!  :)

I love these days.  
With her aspiring gymnastics ambitions,
Hadlee insisted on getting a real
leotard to practice her stunts!   
This day, she came out and 
said she was "Aunt Lynna"!!! ;)
Then I found all of these on my 
phone!!!!!!!!  No clue;)!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy Nap Time...
but it never works;)
Having fun at the Starks!!!
The boys ~ up to no good!!!
Sunday Morning:)
I love my Hallelujah House Helper:)
SUCH a fun place to be on 
Sunday mornings!!!!!!!!
Soaking up every last bit of sun we can get!
Walker at a party with an
under water camera!!! :)
Going to dinner...
and your three kids all ride on the third row;)
This boy is learning to READ!!!
I really, really wanted to post
this on Kate's birthday but Walker
made me delete it!  Oh my loves...
Speaking of Sweet Kate Kate,
I love taking these two to
gymnastics every week!!!
A friend posted this picture of 
Trav and his buddies in theater
in high school.  Oh what I'd
give to go back...
just look at him:)
ORANGE day in Kinder!!!
My friend Jen sent me this picture ~ 
it's Huds way off in the playground
(you can kinda see the speck of orange).
Gone were his days of sticking close 
to his teacher at recess!!!!!!!!
His teacher confirmed!!!!!!!
One thing I've noticed about my big boy
is that he takes care of business.
I found this e-mail he sent to his 
new football coach.  I was so proud
of his initiative!!!!!!!!!!!
And his grades.  WOW...his grades.
First three weeks at Middle School in three
 Pre-AP courses ~ plus football, select baseball,
K-Life, youth group ~ AND he's rockin' it!
 English and Science ended up being
above 97 on the report card.  
Sister is doing the SAME!!!!!!!!
They both care SO much about their grades:)
I love it!
MP ~ Midway Panthers or
Mindy Pierce ?!?
Dance is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY for tap, jazz and ballet
plus DANCE COMPANY!!!!!!! :)
LOL!  Hadlee doesn't buy
into my singing and dancing ambitions!  ;)
Love my Huddy making things
for MOM at school!  :)
"Wild About Learning"
at South Bosque Elementary!!!
I still can't believe the Good Lord
blessed me with BEST friends at school.
We even plan to dress alike;)
Look at this little girl!!!!!!!!
So excited for her balance beam
that arrived in the mail!!!!!!!
And this is what this child does...
He's a MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September brought A LOT 
of this..................
#80 starting on the 7th Grade A Team,
but this gets a whole post of its own!!!
Meet the Teacher Night at MMS!
I love parenting with my favorite guy...
Precious Girl all dolled up
in her shirt and matching bow
from the Reeds for her birthday!!!!!!!!
We love and miss RoRo!
My favorite moment from September
might be this though...
Hattie Belle is a PRECIOUS little girl
in Hudson's class.  I've known her
sweet mama for a while and she 
texted me this story from our teacher!
LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Where's that little boy I love?"
Bring it, September!!!!!!!!
September is FUN!  :)

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