Monday, March 21, 2016

A Haddie Halloween!

Sweet Thing was so excited to host
her very own Halloween Slumber Party!
It's the Little Sister Club!
Besties for Life
Ella sneaked her Mom's walking 
boot out of her house and it was 
of the night!  LOL!
Little Man, too!!!!!!!!!
Where did all these boys come from!?!
And what in the world did they 
bring in the house?!??!!!!!
Crazy boys and their explorations!
Full House = Full Heart
The boys were about to leave for
an all night church function....
but FiRST we had to have a 
And of course Jared had to raid
Troy's candy stash!!!!!
The next morning it was 
time for crafts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The frames they painted turned out so cute!
 Nadali, Ella, Hadlee, Halie 
 I love these precious girls!

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