Monday, March 7, 2016

First Storm Tournament

On our way to Big D for 
our first STORM Tourney!!!!!!!!
The boys were already there:)
Bestill my EVER lovin' heart.
Let's go #25!!!!!!!!!!!
This was his second game
that day.  I had to miss his first.
He did AWESOME!  
Meanwhile we had the little
sister cheer squad!!!!!!!
With Coach Hudson:)
Brynn, Nadali, Halie, Hadlee, Ella
I couldn't be more proud of a kid!!!
He represents so much hard work!!!
He is my heart!
Celebrating that night!!!
Walker and Cort are on the latest Storm
team, but we like to hang out with the other team, too!  ;)
They have been together for YEARS
and were awesome to accept and include us.  
Leaving the hotel BRIGHT and EARLY
the next morning for Sunday games!
Early breakfast SHaNiNGaNS!
Let's do this, #25!!!!!!!!!!
He got THE most beautiful hit
soaring into right field that morning:)
My view for the morning!
My other view;)
Game Two!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker is learning so much!
This is some serious baseball!!!!!!!
This kid is dedicated!
Stealing bases on these HUGE fields!
Another STORM Win!!!!!!!!!
Walker and Cort!!!!!!!!
Love them playing on the same team.  
First Base Action
Cort warming up on the mound!
It was a beautiful day for some ball!
For most of us;)
About this time during game 3, I started
questioning all this baseball!  ha ha!
Watching this guy makes it worth it though!
The Pierce Party LOVES......
...our favorite STORM player!!!!!!!!!!
The Drive Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

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