Monday, March 21, 2016

Kindergarten Halloween Party!

Halloween Teacher Treats (:
The Friday before Halloween at school!
Look who didn't have early morning
This cutie pie greeted me at the door
on my way to decorate for his class party:)
I love being Room Mom!
(especially since I'm sharing
the duty this year with my friend!)
Kindergarten Halloween Party!!!
Huds and Mackenzie
 Charlie, Huds, Griffin
With Braxton, too!
These two have become best buds
and I love that!!!!!!!
The Aggie and The Bear:)
Such a sweet class!!!!!!!!
(TOTAL Mom FAIL because
I didn't realize the kids could bring
their costumes that day!  #thirdchild)
We love Mrs. Decker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time for the Mummy Wrap Game
Hudson, Grayson and Griffin were a team!
They were too cute!
I love their sweet moms, too!
These three had a BLAST!
This picture truly captures it!!!!!!!!!!
Hattie Bell :)
Two of my most favorite Aggies!
I love getting to do all of this one
more time...especially with this
little love of mine!!!!!!!!!!!

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