Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Sunshine and VBS

Hello Summer....
Hello Sunshine!!!!!!!
I love the thrill that a baby pool
brings!:) Haddie and Hudson were
so excited when Daddy brought this home.
Especially since Bubs was off
swimming with his friends again;)
Huddy didn't know what to think!
For now, I'm just fine with our little
baby pool!  Maybe someday when
my littles are bigger, I'll be ready for
a "real" pool as Walker would say!
Needless to say, this summer he is
NOT impressed with our baby pool;)
Happy H's:)
Thank Goodness we had
 Barbie Lifeguard on duty...
My view;)
YAY for my hair appointment
with Haddie and Kimi ;)))
Precious friends....
Running to the spray park............
Talk about sunshine(S)...
We went there one morning while
Walker was at football camp. 
H & H loved it:)))
Donuts with mommy while Walker
was at baseball camp and
 Haddie was at VBS!
Hanging out at the MHS Stadium
waiting on Big Bro...
I was afraid Hadlee might be hesitant to go
to VBS since Walker wasn't going this year
(baseball hoo).
But I was SO wrong.  Hadlee loves
our church and she went right in
to her sweet little VBS class!!!
SO excited for day two
especially to be in her VBS shirt:)
Thursday after picking Hadlee up from VBS.
It was also Walker's last day at baseball camp.
Someday, Huds...too soon for mommy...
you will have your own activities, too!
That night we went to the
GO FISH concert at church. 
Hudson went CRAZY!!!
We think that he thought the Go Fish
guys were the Wiggles!;)
I love being with my babes;)
Walker's baseball camp was over,
so he at least got to go to
VBS on Friday:)
He was excited to meet up
with some of his buds...
Justin, Evan, Walker, Corbett
Mrs. dear, sweet friend from HS,
was Haddie's teacher!  LOVED that:)
My sweet girl learning about Jesus...
there's NOTHING better than that!
This was the Shield of God that Haddie
made at VBS.  She was told to put
who she was thankful for on it.
I quickly noticed she had NOT
put Walker.  He was devastated over
this!!!  I asked her "why" and she
said, "Because he's bad!"
Then she flashed that little grin of hers;)
This is one of Hudson's favorite toys...
I texted this pic one night to Trav.
He loves Janitor Hudson pics;)
Hadlee came out dressed up like this
and told me she was
Dorothy the Dinosaur for Hudson!!!
I think Hudson fell for it;)
Kimi was Clifford!!!
Quite the show;)
Well, hello, Baby Blue Eyes...
It appears Walker must have had my camera;)
A HaPPy Birthday Celebration for
our beautiful Hoodie Elizabeth:)))
We love our Liz!!!:)
A lunch and play date with my faves...
Kate Kate included!!!
Poor baby brother..........;)))
Whatever it takes to get through
the grocery shopping;)
Having FUN at the pool...
Hudson is ALL about this slide...
in fact, he's kinda the slide bully
at the pool!  He wants it all to himself;)
And finally, my very FAVORITE text.......