Sunday, January 10, 2016

While Walker was at Camp...

We missed our Walker D
while he was at camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But managed to have some fun, too;)
Lunch with the Dream Team:)
We missed Brandy and her girls,
but we got to love on Sweet Baby Cate:)
Little sisters are super fun to have
 around while Big Brothers are gone!
Another little sister the next day;)
They were teachers handing 
out class awards;)
HFalls with Hank and Ella!!!!!!!!!!!
These girls!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially MY OWN;)
I had MY Bestie there, too!!!!!
Yay for Baskin Robins:)
Lots of Crocodile Hunter...
I heart  reading my Bible in the afternoon
followed by a summer nap:)

One evening we went to see 
Jonah play in his All Star game...
Low and behold look who sat 
on the row RIGHT in front of me...
I sent this picture to my mom
and sisters and they could not 
figure out who he was!!! 
Finally Michelle did;)
Chip Gaines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love us some Fixer Upper!!!
Troy was thrilled to take this pic;) ha ha!

Water Balloons at CoCo's
with Ella and Hank:)
I'm so in love with Hadlee's
ringlets in her hair!!!
She has the most perfect, 
beautiful curls:)
Summer, I love you.
Hats, shorts, flip flops, HOT weather,
sleeveless tops and new Kendras;)
Summer is the BEST:)

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