Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lake Tahoe with the NaNa's!!!

The NaNa's and I had planned for 
years to take a FuN and FaBuLouS 
40th Birthday Trip!
With all of us living all over the WORLD
(literally!) and having such busy, 
crazy lives, I still can't believe
we pulled it off!!!
Of course I don't like 
to leave my little family AT ALL...
so there were some tears shed
as I left.  I just hate being 
apart from the ones I love the most.  
Thankfully I was going to see
the friends I love and adore the most,
so I was VERY excited, too!
Arrived in Dallas......
and had to send my man a selfie!
And of course get a Starbucks;)
KiDDiNG, I don't drink Starbucks.
Just a good old fashion COKE for me!!!
Then I met up with Brandy at DFW!!!
I was SO HAPPY to be flying with her!
Hello Tahoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally we were all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet L had us all these fun little cups
with our names on them.  
The next morning, I got to see my precious
little God Daughter for just a bit...
Precious little angel!
Wish I could spend more time with her...
Beautiful Lake Tahoe!
So absolutely WONDERFUL to see my
 favorite Aussi Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is "40 on the Rocks"!!!!!
Oh how I LOVE these girls......
My Soul Sister...
Sweet L and I on a shopping excursion
that afternoon in Tahoe City...
FaceTiming with my LOVES...
I missed them so,
but they were having fun
without me:)
Everywhere in Tahoe is scenic...
it's a beautiful place!
Without Daddy even knowing, 
this sweet little guy called me 
to Face Time.  He was missing
Mama and I was missing him...:(
We had a wonderful 40th
Birthday Dinner out!!!
Kelli giving us a lesson on Tahoe
AND showing off her adorable
BUMP!!!  She finally shared the 
news with everyone that 
Baby Girl #3 is on the way:)
The next day we rented a boat and driver
to take us on a tour of Lake Tahoe!!!

We had a BLAST!
This place is GORGEOUS!
The water in Lake Tahoe
is FREEZING.  I mean like
seriously FReeZiNG.
I have some strong friends who took
the PLuNGE.  I, on the other hand,
didn't even consider it!!!!!!!!
We laughed so hard watching them!!!  ;)
This day was one of my favorites EVER.
I prayed and prayed for my very own
"group" of friends while I was in high 
school.  I found them in college.
They mean everything to me.  
We wanted our boat excursion to last
all day ~ it was just perfect:)
More shopping!
My girl who lives way too far away:(
Our last evening out for Dinner.....
Megan and I were up VERY, VeRY,
I mean VERY early the next morning
 to catch our flights home!
Kids, I'm coming home!!!!!!!!!!!
Had to stop for a Starbucks of course;)  ha ha!
Kimberly treated us all to these
adorable bracelets by Alex and Ani.
I love mine:)

My trip was AMAZING
and I'm so thankful for it!
But even more AMAZING was
coming back home.....
I am one VERY well-loved 
Mommy and Wife and Daughter!
My cup truly runneth over!!!
Even my sweet, wonderful parents
missed me and couldn't wait to see me!
I loved that they showed up, too:)
I have the BEST family and 
friends in the whole wide world.  

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