Saturday, January 16, 2016

Gulf Shores Part I

Up and at 'em at 5 AM for
our first long ROAD TRIP!!!
Pierce Party of Five on VaCaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sttttttiiiiilllllllll in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!
FINALLY!!!  Our kids first time
out of the great state of TEXAS!
We drove ALL.DAY.LONG.
Surprisingly, somehow, some way...
it was mostly ALL smiles:)
Walker was really the only one that slept.  
My Little H's were just too excited!
Mommy was, too:)
Super cool tunnel in Alabama!
Inside the tunnel!!!

We arrived in Gulf Shores around 4 that afternoon.
We went to the store on our way in and 
then checked into the BEACH CLUB:)
The Beach Club was awesome!
We made it!!!  :)
Thankful for my man ~ 
he did ALL the driving.  Wouldn't even
consider letting me drive.
Just like my dad;)
WAIT a minute...
who brought all these kids?!?  (;
We had to hit the white sands that evening...
So excited to be with the CARRS!!!
Just might be my favorite picture EVER...
My favorite three people
at my favorite place ~ the beach:)
Sister couldn't wait to do this!!!!!!
Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
This went on forever;)
And ever! ;)
Meanwhile this kid was having a blast!!!
Surfer BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our favorite couple......
with big brother always looking over;)
This boy was pretty handsome
himself on the beach!!!
I mean, really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just have to flashback to when 
he was about seven in the ocean!  
Surfs UP!
Such handsome surfers!!!
With a funny photo bomber;)
And then there were two ~ 
I mean three;)
Hang Ten!
We were SO happy and excited 
to be at this beautiful beach 
with good friends:)
We finished off our first night with 
pizza, a movie, AND the hot tub!  

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