Monday, January 11, 2016

We LOVE Chris and Jessica!!!

Early Saturday morning we 
headed to Santa Anna to celebrate
Chris and Jessica's Wedding!!!
Walker was EXHAUSTED from camp!!!
Four precious cousins playing on
their iPads at Grandma & PaPa Robinett's!
We LOVE being with cousins!!!
Time for the Party:)
I LOVE having my boy back home.
I LOVE my favorite four 
with every fiber of my being.
My handsome little love...
We LOVE Great Grandma Pierce!!!
Cute Cousin Love
The decorations at the party were so cute!
Chris and Jess got married in 
Vegas with some of the family 
in June.  We hated to miss that:(
We LOVE Aunt Cindy!
Pretty little girl cousins:)
I LOVE this boy so much.  
It was so good to see Grandma and
Grandpa out and about!!!!!!!!!!
We LOVE them!!!
We LOVE Mamaw!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy LOVES his all time favorite teacher:)
These guys were playing hard!!!
We LOVE James!!!
We LOVE Chrystal!!!
I LOVE this guy.  
Handsome Cousins!
Pierce Party of Five!!!
We LOVE Brandy!!!
We LOVE DaNCiNG!!!!!
Huds tore that dance floor UP!
We LOVE Jessi!!!!!!!!!!!!
And CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We LOVE Jen, too!
We had a BLAST celebrating such 
an awesome couple,
Chris and Jessica!!!
We LOVE them and Luke 
so very, very much:)
I'm thankful that I married this guy
and joined this fun and wonderful family:)
We are blessed beyond measure!

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