Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mother's 77th Birthday

July 18, 2015
Celebrating the most wonderful and amazing
woman in our lives on her 77th Birthday!!!
My mother is the best woman I know.
I love her with everything I am.  
She loves each and every one of
"her" girls!!!
AND all of "her" boys!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a beautiful day 
to celebrate Grandmother!
My favorite couple...
 their 57th wedding anniversary in August:)
Happy Birthday, Mother:)
She is LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!
She certainly doesn't look 77!!!!!!!!!
She's such a fun lady, too!!!
She deserves for all of her wishes to come true!
I just love these pictures 
of my parents.  
They are the greatest:)
Beautiful picture of Mother 
with the Sic 'Em Bears Boat!!!
Grandmother is a blast to celebrate!
Walker was at church camp 
and had to miss her celebration:(
Of course Troy had to dance with "Mom"!
We were missing Walker, Logan, and Macy
at this celebration.....but they were 
there in our hearts for sure.
We all absolutely LOVE this one of 
a kind sweetest Mother/Grandmother (:

HA!  The way the picture was really going...
We love our Mother!!!
There are ALWAYS several takes
when it comes to my sisters and me!  ;)
HA!  We like to have fun:)
On a funny side note,
Troy had driven my parents and us 
that night.  On the way home he drove
us through the afternoon he was 
at Cabella's and the Twin Peaks
shooting took place near there.
Troy had called me and told me something
was going down and I basically 
told him he was crazy.  
Come to find out, he really was 
so close to a very dangerous
situation.  He drove us through
his steps that afternoon;)  

Handsome Logan made up for being
out of town for Grandmother's 
birthday celebration by coming over
to see her the next day:)

Also for her birthday, Hadlee, Hudson and I 
treated Grandmother to a trip
to Chip and Joanna's store...
We LOVE to shop with Grandmother:)
Our Sweet Mother!
She is truly the HeaRT of our family. 
She is kind, fun, giving, hilarious 
and CRaZY over her grandchildren 
AND Baylor basketball!
 Most of all though she is 
THE MoST loving lady I know! 
We are so blessed she 
is our Mother/Grandmother!!! 
77 looks AMaZiNG on her!


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