Friday, January 1, 2016


Meeting BAXTER,
the Moores' precious new puppy!!!
Mark and Jared brought Baxter
over one night shortly after they 
got him and we just fell in love!
Even I did;)
and I'm not a dog person.
Or an animal person.
Love them for others...
but just not for me.  
BUT seeing a picture like this
of my boys with a dog makes
me sad that we haven't gotten them one:(
We had just started maybe considering a
puppy and then I got pregnant!  
I always tell Walker he got a baby
brother instead of a dog!!! ;)
This little girl is PETRIFIED of dogs.
It truly makes me sad for her
and I don't know how or when this
fear came to be...but it's REAL.
That's why THiS picture is CRaZY!
Baxter even won Hadlee over:)

Baxter hanging with the Pierces
another time during the summer!
Sister wasn't quite as sure
about the puppy this time.........
But COME ON!!!
Hadlee had swimmer's ear and was
pretty much MiSeRaBLE...
Baxter ended up perking her up!  :)
Such a precious puppy!!!
Huds + Bax
I mean, seriously!!!!!!
We must get this kid a puppy!
BOTH of my boys need a puppy!
We had a blast babysitting the little pup!
Even Daddy fell for Baxter(:
Driving with a puppy...
I had to send these pics to 
Haley and Angie:)
Puppy LOVE! 

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