Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The 4th at the Lake!

We absolutely LOVE heading to 
Lake Travis the day after the 4th
to see my dearest friends!
We always start out with lunch
at the Gnarly Gar!!!
The NaNa's know how to pick right
back up no matter how much time
or distance exists!!!!!!!!!
Our Petits are the same way!!!  :)
It's like we are one big happy NaNa
Family with lots of extensions!!!
Whenever two or more NaNa's are together...
well, we just have a blast!  
We spend the day in the water...
catching up, laughing and loving!!!
I absolutely could not love 
these two girls more.  
As always, it was an awesome day!!!
Hadlee and Claire decided to become
pen pals and write each other letters.
How cute is that?!?
(I am still holding out hope 
for them to be BAYLOR roommates!)
Jacob & Walker ~ HANDSOME!
Sweet L and I did a GREAT job
matching up our children's
genders and ages!!! :)
Two of my Sweet Guys.  
These two melt my heart:)
(God Sisters!)
Hadlee loves these sweet little girls!
God Mommy & God Son!!!!!
My favorite two sisters other
than my own two sisters:)
22 years of fun, friendship, family, college, 
laughter, tears, jobs, husbands, children...
I love this girl and her hubby so much.  
Hadlee made this pic collage!
I love that our little ones all love each other:)
Blessed beyond believe and really 
don't know what I would do without 
these two girls and the four others that
go along with them.  
I will always thank the Good Lord Above
for bringing these girls into my life at Baylor!

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