Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gulf Shores V ~ Final Post

Since we were leaving bright and early,
I had my three sleep together on the 
last night.  I love my sweet, 
sleeping babies.  
We got up early and had to say 
good-bye to the ocean...
We weren't happy :(
But what a wonderful trip it was!!!
I love this boy.  
AND this little boy:)
Pouting about leaving:(
I stood back and looked at 
this view of my favorite four
and God's beautiful ocean
and just said ...
THANK YOU, Lord.  

Then we hit the road back to TEXAS!
Smooth sailing, of course;)
This was an awesome feeling
because there's no place like TEXAS!!!
We even stopped at the 
Texas Visitor's Center!!!
There is NO place like HOME!!!
There was still A LOT of Texas
to drive through to get to our actual home...
The ride home was not quite as 
easy as the ride there!  
Walker decided to start reading
his Pre-AP Summer reading book
about 20 minutes from home.  HA!
Sweet (TEMPORARY) Home Alabama
was AWeSoME!!!!!!!!
Looking back, this trip was amazing!!!

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